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Synergetic help reports

Most Synergetic schools that print academic reports through Synergetic upload the reports into the DocMan System. The DocMan system is a storage tab in the main application. The storage tab holds documents for students, staff and community members. In a normal academic reporting cycle reports are: generated and then uploaded to DocMan. Past reports might…
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Computer Help Email

This week in computer help we are looking at email. Connected your email account to outlook normally is an easy task. Sometimes this is not always the case. In this post we look at alternative ways to connect you exchange email to your outlook client. Take a scenario where you have a new computer and…
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SSRS Reporting Errors

SSRS report with blank sub report shows white space This articles SSRS reporting error looks at missing background colors on a blank sub report. You have setup your table, got your group in order and created your sub reports. Everything looks good except for the white space left be an empty sub report. This post…
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