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Computer Help Email

This week in computer help we are looking at email. Connected your email account to outlook normally is an easy task. Sometimes this is not always the case. In this post we look at alternative ways to connect you exchange email to your outlook client.

Take a scenario where you have a new computer and want to add email to Office365 outlook client. You open outlook. Click File in the menu bar. The screen shows Account Information. At the top you click Add Account. A dialog appears and in this dailog you type your email in the Eamil Address text box in the middle of the screen. Once the email is typed in you click the blue connect button.

Computer help with email. Outlook connect screen
Outlook connect screen
Computer help with email. Connect error screen.

When you reach this point, there is not much further you can go. Changing account settings means selecting an alternative mail server. If you have got this correct in the first place there is nothing of much use here. This sets up an endless cycle of make a change and click ok. You end of with the same result.

If you are frustrated, which if you are like me you will be. There is an alternative. Here it is. Go to Control Panel. At the bottom left hand of your screen near the windows button. Type in Control Panel. When the menu bar pops up select Control Panel. When the Control Panel box appears select System.

Computer help email. Control Panel select email.
Select mail from control panel

Enter you email account details and follow the prompts. Using the new Office 365 Outlook client sometimea can be unreliable. Adding accounts new email from the email setup in control panel more often works first time.

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