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Computer help and monitoring from $20.

Computer help and IT support. Proactive computer monitory 24/7. Telephone and email support allows you to take action before you computer crashes . Do you rely on you computer for work? Most people do. Computers are a critical tool in everybody’s work day. But it doesn’t end there, when the working day is done computer and devices continued to be used for our entertainment, communication, entertainment and socializing. By paying attention to these areas with good computer monitoring we are able to keep your computer running fast and error free. This means that you when you’re at work on your computer you are productive. In your leisure time on your computer you can watch and stream that movie, talk to your friends and post updates for your followers. We can take away the pain of by doing the following:

Backup checks

Anti-virus checks

Drive space and capacity checks

Failed login checks

Physcial disk check

Critical events check

p: 1300 088 712