Computer help Williamstown

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Computer help Williamstown

Need help now? call 0418542780 email: [email protected]

Computer help Williamstown

ChallengerX computer help Williamstown is a call away. Call us now to get your computers fixed. Do you have problems with your email? We can fix it. Is your laptop too slow. We can fix this. We have skilled technicians who understand and love IT. ChallengerX computer help in Williamstown includes: damaged computers to database break fixes and everything in between.

On call operation

We operate an on call service so there will always be someone who knows what they are talking about to take your call. And when your email is not working it’s good to know that someone is on the job. When you computer has stopped working we can diagnose and provide a solution. ChallengerX has been providing computer help to all of Williamstown for more than 20 years. We know our IT and we know our city.

Computer Monitoring Service

Our computer monitoring service monitors you computer 24/7. Computer monitoring is a service that constantly checks your computers and alerts us if there are any problems. We in turn alert you and discuss what to do before the problems stops your business. It takes 10 minutes to install and can be done remotely. There is a small monthly fee of twenty dollars per computer. This really does translate into cheap insurance but also means peace of mind for your business.

IT Services Management

We can take on all your IT functions and manage your critical IT infrastructure. All of our operations can be done remotely. This helps to drive down costs and keeps your staff safe. All our interactions with your business are safe and done using secure protocols. Contact us at [email protected] and will respond in within 4 hours. If you have an emergency call 1300 088 712 and one of our technicians will be on hand to help.

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