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computer recycling Melbourne
computer recycling Melbourne – ChallengerX

Do you have old computers? When not recycle them?

Old computers, what do you do with them. Many people hang on to there old computer equipment. When it comes to computer recycling in Melbourne ChallengerX can pick up this old equipment. For only $50 we can pick it up. After picking up your old computers we will do some safety checks. When you disposed of your old computers, devices and phones, what happens to them. Do you know what happens to the data on the hard disk. Do you delete everything from the hard disk? Did you know in some cases deleted personal data can be recovered from unwanted computers. Many old computers still contain personal data which needs to be deleted.

Laptop computer recycling Melbourne - ChallengerX

Are you old computers filling your draws and cupboards?

Whether your computer is an Apple or Microsoft based system, then need to be disposed of correctly. If you draws cupboards are full of old computers and laptops now is the time to engage in some computer recycling.

What happens to your old computer?

Computer recycling helps everyone. You old equipment is clear and your personal data removed. Once this has happened the computer is disassembled and the parts reused in a variety of ways. Everything from training technicians an metal recycling. Our experienced technicians can also discuss your requirements about how you personal data is handled and deleted. We can also organised your data to be transferred. Either to alternative storage facilities on your premises or in the cloud.

Book a pickup and get your computer recycled in Melbourne

If you live in Melbourne and have desktop and laptop computers ChallengerX can recycle them. Don’t trust the disposal of you computer equipment to just anyone.Send an email to the email address below to book you pickup.

Need to book a computer pick up? p: 1300 088 712