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Computer repairs and laptop repairs

We do computer repairs and we are based in Melbourne. Location should not put you off from contacting us about a computer that is not quite right. When it comes diagnosing and finding solutions for a computer that’s not working our technicians are second to none. Before calling us, here are some useful tips that could get you going again.

1 My laptop doesn’t power up. Try this simple computer repair by, plugging the laptop into an external monitor does it start up now? Many computers will not power up if they can’t detect a monitor. This can be really handy if you need to urgently get data from the computer.

2 My computer does not start at all. Try listening for the fans are they running? Are the connections to the monitors secure and not partially knocked out.

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Bounce Back

Computer repair can be avoidable. There is nothing worse than having the difficult conversation with a customer around how they have probably lost their important data, photos and documents due to a software or hardware failure. This is no longer a laptop repair but more like a data recovery. We have a solution for this, computer monitoring. From $20 per month we can make sure that your computer is running in top condition. When you proactively manager computer this way repairs become a thing of the past.

Computer Repair mother board
Computer Repair mother board

Monitoring allows our technicians to see potential problems and advise customers of solutions and actions to do before things go wrong and a computer repair is needed.

Where to now? You computer is OK but you don’t want the maintenance problems? Our contact details are below.

Your need a computer repaired or a laptop repair, contact details are the same below.

Email us at [email protected] or call 1300 088 712 to discuss computer monitoring.

Have a database or database server that need repair? Try the link below.

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