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Fix my Mac

Mac Complaints

Fix my Mac! In the world of computer repair we have been getting many complaints.
Complaints about Mac’s running slowly are up there.
The scenario is an Mac that has a few miles on the board.
Is your computer five plus years old? You haven’t faithfully followed the Apple update regime.
You get to your desk in the morning turn your computer on. The apple logo comes up, followed by the progress bar. Watching the progress bar seems to make it go slower. It does when I look at it anyway.
Are you running a lot of software that has built up over time? Does the software start up when the computer starts up?

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What to do about your Mac

At ChallengerX we come into contact with many apple users each day who seem to have grown used to poor performance from there computer. Many of them are Mac users. Sometimes the gradual performance drop is barely noticed over time. It gets highlighted when compared to another machine or some else notices. The some else may notice that you come in to work and spend 15 minutes making coffee. With coffee in hand the computer is ready by the time you get back.
User quite often don’t do anything about this because starting on a fix my Mac journey leads to wasting half a day or more.

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Quick win with self-fixing your Mac

Let’s try a quick fix for you iMac.
1 Open System Preferences
2 Go to Users & Groups
3 Choose your nickname
4 Choose login items
5 Choose the startup programs you want to remove
6 Once selected press the minus (-) sign underneath
7 Reboot your machine and get your stop watch out.

Fix Mac relaxation

This simple fix applied to your apple computer, iMac Mac book pro can improve the performance of your computer. Other benefits include better productivity, lowered frustration and reducing your coffee intake.

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