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local computer repairs

Why do computers break?

Computers break for many reasons

  • Users drop them
  • Users spill liquid on them (ie morning coffee)
  • Infect them with viruses

These are the stores of your local computer repairs tech. Monday morning brings a new working week. Some of the work is good some not so good. One of these calls came in at 10am. A large local business receptionist called say they were having issues with there soft drink machine. What does a soft drink machine have to do with me? As its plugged into the wall it is my problem. Sigh….. 30 minutes later I was back in my office sipping my coffee again.

local computer repairs, coffee for the technician is always important

In the IT world users don’t really care too much about how it happens. As long as they are not inconvenienced. A quick drive. A quick camera phone snap of the support number on the drinks machine. One telephone call. The technician is on his way and so is my invoice.

Back to my original story why do computers break? Quite often they don’t break. This culture of convenience or death has a lot to answer for. Generating superfluous IT jobs. Making the accountants who pay the bills angry about trivial call-outs. Call-outs facilitated by IT technicians who are all to willing to take money for peoples laziness. Being in local computer repairs I see this all the time.

I would like to see more self sufficient users. User who can and are prepared to try and fix things themselves. Doesn’t matter if you are Microsoft or Apple. You should have a basic understanding of how fix minor problems with your computer. It sound counter-intuitive, I actually prefer this.

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