MS Access Database

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MS Access Database

MS Access database

Is your business running MS access databases as a business application? ChallengerX has been developing applications in MS access for 25 years. Since the beginnings of access. MS Access 2.0

MS Access database. ChallengerX are MS Access database programmers.

What is a MS Access database?

Access is file based relational database management system. The database is small enough to run on your average computer. It has some ability to scale up. It can operate as a client server application when the database is broken into two components. The first components is the database file. The second component is the front end file. The front end file contains the forms for entering data. Reports are also in the front end. Database automation is normally in the front end. If there is a good reason it could be placed in the database file. ChallengerX can help you make these decisions. Our contact details are below.

MS Access database. ChallengerX are MS Access database programmers.

Who uses MS Access database?

Access can be used by anyone. Anyone could be a home user storing contact details. A nursery business storing plant data and pricing information. Construction businesses for controlling job scheduling. If you see many similarities with internet apps there is good reason. Access was born before the online and internet applications and was useful for doing these ‘quick’ jobs on a desktop. Access was also widely used as a reporting tool for much larger databases. It was on every business computer. It has a powerful reporting engine. The reports looked great with the costs of Crystal Reports.

MS Access database. ChallengerX are MS Access database programmers.

MS Access Future

The internet has taken some shine off access. Many small desktop jobs can now be found as low cost online applications. Microsoft has said that Access will be retired. There is no scheduled retirement date and the application is part Office 2019.

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