Onsite Computer Repairs

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Onsite Computer Repairs

Onsite computer repairs Melbourne

Having problems with your Microsoft operating system. Is you Apple mac or mac book pro not working. ChallengerX is a Melbourne based company which does onsite computer repairs in Melbourne’s western suburbs. Computer repairs in Melbourne in today’s climate are not always safe. We offer a remote repair service where we come to your remotely. If this doesn’t work our pickup service can collected your computer from a safe location. We can take the computer. Diagnose the problem. We sanitize the computer and return it to your place working again.

Onsite Computer Repairs. ChallengerX is a computer repairing in Melbourne

Before requesting onsite computer repairs there a some things that you can do that could save you money. If you computer is running slowly have you considered removing the start up programs? In Microsoft windows to this use the following steps:

  • click the windows button
  • type in startup apps
  • go down the list
  • disable any programs you don’t use frequently

Another fix you can do yourself is to defrag the hard disk, particulary if its not a new ssd type disk. To do this:

  • click the window button
  • type “defrag’
  • select defrag and optimize drives
  • select analyze
  • allow the analyze process to complete
  • defrag if required

Onsite laptop repairs Melbourne

Laptops can be in some cases difficult to repair due to their compact size. There are many things you can do to avoid computer breakdowns. These are:

  • Minimize the risk of water damage, don’t drink or eat near you computer
  • If you do spill something on the keyboard turn if off immediately
  • Tip it up to drain the water away from the circuitry
  • Don’t use rice as it doesn’t work (and wastes time allow water to further infiltrate the electronics)

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