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PC Repairs Near Me

PC repairs near me story

PC repairs near me is a computer repair service from ChallengerX. We have been working with and repairing Apple, Microsoft and Linux computers for over 20 years. Our technicians are expert PC repairers and are expert Windows PC repairers, Apple PC repairers and Linux PC repairers.

Before calling for PC repairs near me, what can you do to check your computer for a quick fix and quick win?

  • Turn the computer on and off (on oldie but a goodie)
  • Empty the recycle bin, to free up more disk space
  • Shut down all applications. Lot’s of open applications can slow the machine down
  • More advanced, check applications that start up when the computer boots. Type in start up apps at the search box on the bottom left of screen.

Apple logo. PC repairs near me fixes apple computers
Apple PC Repairs Near me

Apple iMac PC repairers

iMac PC repairs near me works exclusively with iMac, Mac Book Pro, iPads and iPhones. Are you looking for a repair for you computer or device? Flat fee operating system installs help your Mac to run faster. PC repairs near me can ensure that all your files are in place when you got to use your Mac again.

Microsoft logo. PC repairs near me fixes microsoft computers

Microsoft PC repairers

Windows PC repairs near me fix Windows computers. Does your windows run slowly? Quite often it helps to reinstall the operating system. This can be a significant time wasting exercise. For a flat fee we can reinstall your operating system and have all your files back in place.

Linux logo. PC repairs near me fixes linux  computers

Linux PC repairers

Linux is a specialist operating system. It is used by hobbyists and professionals alike. It has many of the features of Windows and Apple and for a very minimal price. If you are having problems with you linux machine PC repairers near me can solve the problem.

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