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Personal IT Security

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Personal IT security starts with you. When protecting your identity take the time to carefully consider where personal documents may end up, and who will have access to them. There are a number of steps that can be taken to mitigate the risk. Because your digital id can be used in many different ways that are not beneficial to you

To protect your personal security don’t throw documents whole or complete into the bin or recycle bin because documents casually thrown in the bin are a security risk. Even documents that contain only your name and address have enough information for someone to steal your identity.

Do you know where these documents end up? If you are serious about security here is a description of what happens to discarded personal documents. Firstly they go into the recycle truck picking them up. Finally they end up at either land fill or the facility processing them. If they are recycle they can be exported overseas. We have recently traced the path of a discarded document and have discovered that it can pass through up to 20 sets of hands from pickup to processing plant.

Do you know who looks at these documents? Who is to say that someone at your local processing plant is not picking up personal documents and saving the names and addresses on them. What about when they end up in a container and are processed overseas? Likely to have less protective laws for your privacy and security.

Steps you can take to protect your identity. This can and should include shredding documents if you don’t want to keep them. Another idea is to stop receiving printed copies of any documents get electronic copies and save them in a safe place which will improve your personal security situation.

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