SSRS Reporting Errors

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SSRS Reporting Errors

SSRS report with blank sub report shows white space

This articles SSRS reporting error looks at missing background colors on a blank sub report.

SSRS reporting errors display sub report
SSRS reporting errors show blank space from blank sub report

You have setup your table, got your group in order and created your sub reports. Everything looks good except for the white space left be an empty sub report. This post from ChallengerX looks at this annoying problem.

There are many varying solutions around. Pass the color via a parameter to the sub report seems to be a common one. Our scenario looks at a sub report in merged cells. We have tested this will single Tablix cells and the problem in our case is the same.

The best, easiest solution is as follows: Before adding the sub report add a rectangle to where the sub report will go. Make sure the rectangle is the exact same size as the sub report.

SSRS reporting errors. SSRS reporting errors rectangle tool in Report builder
SSRS report builder rectangle tool.

SSRS reporting services. Drag the rectangle to the highlighted space.
SSRS reporting services. Drag the rectangle to the highlighted space.
SSRS reporting errors. SSRS report setting properties
Make sure the rectangle width is the same sub report width

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