Synergetic help error codes

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Synergetic help error codes

Synergetic help error codes. This series looks at solving these errors today we are focusing on code 207.

You have loaded you new Synergetic report
Synergetic help database error code 207

Database error code 207 in synergetic crystal reports is a frustrating and annoying error. It is usually not picked up in report development. When testing the report it will run as expected. So what do you do to fix this? What are the steps to sort this out? Lets run through a check list of items.

Main causes

One of the main causes of this error is view/table fields not matching Synergetic filter dialogs and boxes.

Check the recordsets in Crystal Reports

Things to check for are: crystal reports datasets are all correctly named. Check formulas for missing table references or fields incorrectly named. Have you recently reset the Datasource location. If so make sure the references to tables or views are the same.

Check SQL views

Script out your view. Once scripted out then do a check of the fields. If all the fields check out OK, it’s time to start using SQL profiler. SQL profiler is a useful tool to see what is happening in the background. In the case of a report not running in Student Assessments do the following:

The process
  • Choose a single student ID
  • Start up SQL Profiler
  • For this exercise set the trace name to Synergetic error code 207
  • Use the TSQL template
  • Click run
  • Run the report in Synergetic against the selected student number
  • This will generate a lot of data
  • In SQL Server Profiler, do a find (CTRL+F)
  • Search for the student ID
  • Your are looking for any query that uses the same table/view as the report does.
  • Cut and paste each query that meets the criteria into MS SQL management studio
  • Any query that fails because of a missing field is a candidate to check.
  • Add the field or alias the field if it has a different name in the view/table

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