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Web hosting

If you are planning on starting a website then you will need web hosting. There are many providers on the market now. How do you choose the best hosting company? Common metrics for web hosting can include pricing, uptime, speed and customer support.

Is web hosting free? The answer is it can be, but there will be limits as to what you can do.

Two places to start with simple web page designs are:



The ‘free’ aspect of these sites tends to end when you want to develop your own branding starting with the URL. Domain registration will cost, but you should still be able to build a basic web site on the cheap with this style of hosting.

Similar to the last two sites is https://wordpress.com/. This allows you to build you site on WordPress for not much out lay for webhosting.

While there are more free providers out there, free hosting is probably not the best option as it tends to be less secure slower and limited in what you can do. The other problem is that the free sites are ad driven. The last thing you want is your competitor’s advertisement appearing on you web pages.

Free web sites services terms and conditions do need careful attention. You may find that you don’t actually own your site and if something goes wrong there will be no support.

Free can be used to great affect for developing and testing web designs. All in all free hosting is probably not the best choice for business. If you run a business and you are serious about that business being a success, then a web site provided by a genuine hosting company is the best option. It is even better when you are able to discuss your requirements with a real person.

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